Saturday, 11 November 2017


Rose symbolism in Tarot:

Rose symbolism can mean things such as: Love, beauty, purity, sexuality, passion, desire, virtue, creation, spirituality, magic, and those are just a few of the meanings.The Rose is featured in several Tarot cards, Major Arcana: The Fool, The Magician, Strength, and Death.
THE FOOL-The "white rose" in his left hand represents purity and innocence.

The Wizards Tarot by Corinne Kenner and John Blumen
The Magician: represents purity and innocence found in the Fool, but also  represents worldly experience and knowledge. In the bed of flowers at his feet this duality is repeated in the mix of pure white lilies and thorny "red roses".

The "Strength" Card- The Woman is wearing a belt and crown of "roses" and stands "unprotected" in an open green field. The crown on her head represents the fullest, most beautiful expression of nature and transient life. 

Death-The banner that Death carries has a black background, indicating an absence of light. The "white rose," on the other hand, indicates beauty, purification and immortality. 

Monday, 6 November 2017

Vintage Wisdom Oracle deck by Victoria Moseley- K's Contribution

Hello again everyone! K here, contributing once again to my lovely friend's blog.

I thought today I'd write a little bit about one of my favourite Oracle decks, the Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Moseley.

This beautiful deck kept standing out to me every time I would be browsing the cards in stores or online- once I saw what the cards looked like inside, I knew this was a deck for me! 

The most wonderful thing about this deck is that the cards have a very gentle energy and the messages of each one are quite clear, telling a story within the beautiful vintage images. If you are unsure about the card you have pulled for a reading, there is a helpful book that comes with the deck, giving each card an in-depth explanation. The deck contains 52 high-quality cards.

I had heard that this deck is a great intuitive way to read, and can produce similar results to tarot. As someone who is still learning the ways of tarot reading, I am finding that using these once or twice a week supports and inspires my learning curve, promoting deeper self-reflection.

I honestly love this deck so much and can't get enough of looking at the beautiful, ethereal images! If you love unique vintage art and an easy-to-use deck, this is definitely something you should pick up.

The deck can be found here on Amazon for Canadian buyers, and here for American/other buyers :)

Thanks so much for reading!!

Friday, 3 November 2017

SCRYING With A Crystal Ball

SCRYING with A Crystal Ball-
Scrying comes from the Old English word descry meaning “to make out dimly” or “to reveal.”
I must admit that I don't know much about scrying, except the one episode when I was maybe seven or eight ish...That particular time a friend of my Mom and Dads had me staring at a crystal ball she had, while talking like a hypnotist in the background. This is what I sort of remember from that time:....Pat was saying something about it being a beautiful day, and I was sitting by cool clear water...I felt very different when I was staring at her crystal ball, and very focused. I started to see clouds in her crystal ball, and they were starting to clear.  All of a sudden my older brother smacked me across the back of the head, cause he didn't like what I was doing, and that was it (game over).
I have thought about that episode often, and part of me wants to try it again, and part of me is not so sure...Maybe those television shows from long ago made me paranoid, such as the Wizard of OZ. (see below here )
Wow! That crystal ball is as big as a T.V.

I do guided meditations so it shouldn't be too hard working with the crystal ball. Scrying is an auto-deepening trance practise, traditionally achieved by staring into a smooth dark surface. Ancient Egyptians used bowls filled with ink and blood, Aztecs used slabs of obsidian, ancient Persians used a chalice filled with water, the Celts used darkened brass plates, and many contemporary diviners simply paint a mirror black. Many people associate scrying with the crystal ball, and there are several fallacies surrounding it. For example, some will tell you that only a ball of pure quartz crystal may be used. If ancient Druids could scry in the flash of their thumbnail in the sun, then you can scry with a glass ball, a ball of lead crystal, a paperweight, or an old fishing float.
I guess the information can come through in a few different ways, depending on your mental and spiritual state: you may hear things, see shapes, receive emotional “hunches”, or strong impressions of people, smells, or places. Apparently learning how to scry is easy: choose a quiet location with indirect lighting, allow your body to relax, take a few deep, slow breaths. Gaze at the
Crystal ball.

Scrying isn’t always successful first time round; often people will sit with a crystal ball etc., for quite some time, and practise is essential. It is important to remember that with any divination tool, the answer comes from within, not from the device. *Some of the above info was borrowed in parts from the "wiccan spells-white magic for the modern day witch".  No I'm not a witch, but I'm fine with those that are...

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Card of The Day-The Two (2) of Swords


*Card of The Day-The Two (2) of Swords*
Steam punk Tarot

Today's meaning-  careful which direction you choose.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

UFO hunters film orb over Stawamus Chief in Squamish B.C. Canada

 UFO hunters film orb over Stawamus Chief in Squamish, B.C. Canada-

Squamish is about 40 miles or 6o km north of Vancouver B.C., and along the sea to sky highway. 
The Stawamus Chief (the Chief) is a world-renowned rock-climbing destination. Climbers even camp out on the little ledges of the Chief,  nice view, huh? It's even very scary looking from the ground up at you campers on those ledges!
The Chief is often claimed to be the "second largest" granite monolith in the world".
The Squamish, indigenous people from this area, consider the Chief to be a place of spiritual significance. The Squamish language name for the mountain is Siám' Smánit (siám' is usually translated as "chief" though it is really a social ranking), and their traditions say it is a longhouse transformed to stone by Xa'ays, as the Transformer Brothers are known in this language. (That in which all the spirit animals gathered for a feast.) It is seen in the physical realm as a mountain, but in the spirit realm it’s a longhouse, it is a symbol of togetherness. The mythical hero Xwech’taal vanquished a double-headed sea serpent Sinulhkay before uniting the Squamish Nation. "As Sinulhkay fled across the mountain, the creature seared a trail of defeat into the stone, which today is visible as the great cleft in the mountain's cliff-face in Squamish. (legend is this mark of corrosion was left by the skin of Sinulhka, the giant two-headed sea serpent👾👾) 

So this area has a real "vibe" to it, as well as being stunningly beautiful.

Roll on July 2017, and this story from that area: An eerie orb of ‘yellowish white’ was filmed by UFO hunters as it passed through the night sky near the Chief..
Rob Freeman and Marcus McNabb captured a ‘ball of light’ travelling over Stawamus Chief in Squamish, B.C. before it disappeared from sight. "At first we thought it was an aeroplane. There was absolutely no sound… then we absolutely knew it was no aeroplane."-Quote

-Using night vision

The orb was captured through a night vision camera and more than 43,000 people have watched the video since it was posted.‘The trees behind the orb were all lit up. That means it was in front of the trees.’The pair have taken their hunt for UFOs to 11 countries and 30 cities in the last three years. Apparently all around that area of Howe Sound has had sightings of UFO's or orbs. I had no idea about this until just recently, and I'm a native to B.C.😕 I'd love to see one, but when I'm with friends.....Dee-Rubylake Tarot
Here is all their camera gear:

Extra info quoteThe Chief is a sacred mountain,” Freeman said. “Lights are found in ancient spots like Peru or Norway. Whatever it is, in every single country on every single expedition, we’ve got something.”