Friday, 1 September 2017


Death from "Cats Eye Tarot" deck

Death-The card that freaks people out....
It kind of means, "out with the old and in with the new",  or changes.
Death of a relationship, plan, project etc...
I had it once in a reading where it meant someone was going to die, and they did ....It sure brought about changes!!!  The card reader didn't of course come right out and say,"blah blah blah is going to die". What she did say is, "there is going to be changes".....Your never suppose to tell someone in a reading a person is going to die.
Depending whether the card lands in the past, present,or future positions means different things too: Past-changes are already happening, future- changes will occur shortly, next to a court card-changes will happen through that person.                                              
A typical Death card (like R W deck)

Death reversed Rx

Death reversed or Rx-Meaning is not wanting to change, stuck.

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