Thursday, 7 September 2017

Family Visitors and The Fall Fair


I'm a single parent, and my daughter and I get along like old friends. I choose these two tarot "family cards" to represent us.

The ten of cups-close family members, drawn together by their unconditional love for one another, enjoying each other’s company and having a wonderful time together. There are few arguments, no competition – just love and respect, and joy for being able to share these precious moments as a small family.

 We are a lot like sisters, or that's what we say this card too :
Three of cups:-is about getting together with your ‘sisters’ and having a great time. There’s bound to be a lot of love, laughter and dancing at this kind of family gathering. (kitchen dancing  lol 😀)

There are other Tarot "family" cards, but those ones describe us really well ...(were also both Sagittarius, so we be gone all day 😁)

So we are off to the local fall fair soon, which is a lot smaller than it use to be, but still pretty great! They have great Jewelry, Art Work, Vegetables, Beer and Wine, Clothing and Fiber Art, Fruit, Eggs, Flowers, Canning, Baking, Honey, Poultry, Rabbits, Horses, Soaps, Entertainment, Yummy Food, Crafts, and its going to be so fun!
I know Autumn isn't here quite yet, but I really love Autumn.
*One more thing....I'm going to have a guest writer on the Blog, and not too sure what she is going to write about, but maybe her Japan trip, and spirits...

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